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Massage Improves Health Relieving Stress

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Massage Improves Health Relieving Stress

Article by Robert Scheer

Repeated scientific studies have shown, time and time again, that stress is one of the major contributors to ill health in today’s increasingly busy world. Stress can be caused by the pressures of trying to accomplish too much in too little time and juggling the needs of family and employment. In addition to these forms of emotional stress, there is also the physical stress that comes with driving in heavy traffic, breathing in polluted air and putting up with the noise of construction or even the neighbor’s leaf blower.

As these stresses increase, more and more women and men are seeking the relaxation and restorative powers of a massage. Even without the luxurious feeling of hands working the pain out of tense muscles, simply the act of removing your restrictive clothing and lying in a calm, peaceful environment, with soothing music or the sounds of trickling water in the background, augmented with soft candle light and the scent of aromatic incense or aromatherapy essential oils can help to relieve stress.

But, of course, the primary benefit of a massage experience comes when the trained hands of the massage therapist go to work on the body of the massage client. It may look like something anyone can do, but massage training at an accredited massage therapy school can make a world of difference. During a proper massage education, the prospective massage practitioner will not only learn about the various muscles of the body, but also the nervous and circulatory systems as well as the various tendons and other connective tissues that can cause pain and discomfort and may require the attention of skilled hands.

In addition to the simple pleasure of human touch, massage also can relieve stress by removing pain, and it can remedy the effects of stress by helping to clear toxins out of the body. For this reason, it is recommended that anyone who undergoes a massage treatment should be sure to drink extra quantities of water for the rest of the day. This helps flush out of the body the toxins that were cleansed from the muscles or lymph system by the massage.

This is the kind of information that is more likely to be provided and related by a professional, certified and accredited massage therapist, and is therefore one reason why it may be wise to make sure that the massage practitioner one visits has been professionally trained and approved by the local regulatory agency. Although one may have to pay a higher fee to be treated by a Registered Massage Therapist, in some instances a portion of that fee may be refundable through a person’s health insurance program.

About the Author

Robert Scheer is a consultant for theMassage Training web site,, as well as a free lance journalist.

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