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Need ADHD Help? – How to Get it Now

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Need ADHD Help? – How to Get it Now

Article by Laura Ramirez

If you need ADHD help, you are probably scared and frustrated. Whether you have a child who has just been diagnosed or is not doing well on prescription drugs, in this article you will learn exactly what you need to do to help your child.

Before you learn more, imagine a better life for your child. A life in which your child does not have to struggle to focus, sit quietly, and control his impulses. Imagine how happy you will be the first time your child brings home a good report from his teacher. Imagine how this will affect your home life and your relationship with your spouse or partner. This dream is possible by following the simple steps below, but first we need to take a closer look at prescription drugs.

When most parents think about treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, they think of prescription drugs because these drugs and their benefits are advertised in women’s magazines and on the internet. What caring parents don’t know about these drugs is that they have some pretty scary side effects. While they do work for some kids, they make other kids much worse.

Although the side effects for each drug are different, common ones include: sleeplessness, loss of appetite, stomach problems, heart problems, aggression, anxiety and psychosis. Use of some of these drugs has even been linked to suicide. If you’re going to give your child prescription medicines, you have to carefully weigh the risks against the benefits and of course, before you child starts taking it, you won’t know what his side effects will be. But don’t get worried because there is an alternative.

ADHD Help for Child

In medicine, the physician’s creed is to do no harm. As parents, we need to take this same approach with our children. If you agree that this is a good approach, then you may want to consider an alternative to prescription drugs. Before you make your decision, you should know that in addition to the side effects listed above, some researchers believe that ADHD drugs can lead to misuse of recreational drugs in adulthood and that there are concerns about creating an addictive personality. Also, the jury is still out on the long term effects of using drugs on a developing brain.

So what’s the alternative if you need ADHD help? Natural remedies. Unlike drugs, which only suppress the symptoms, natural remedies provide the brain with the nutrients it needs to calm itself. This makes it possible for the child to focus, listen, learn and control impulses. It creates the relaxed state of mind that is needed to engage the child in school and in relationships. Rather than doping him up, it leads to healing. What a concept!

Of course there are many natural medicines on the market, so here’s how to find a good one. Number one, look for a remedy that has been FDA-approved. This means the manufacturer adhered to strict guidelines. Next, make sure the company offers a one-year, money-back guarantee. This is a company that stands behind their product because they know it works.

Most important, make sure the remedy contains proven ingredients. A formulation containing Hyocyamus, Tuberculinum, Verta Alb and Arson Iod is best. These herbal ingredients work together to give the brain what it needs to relieve itself of symptoms. Since the brain is healing, eventually, your child can stop taking the remedy because he will be symptom-free and no longer need ADHD help.

Step two in this help for ADHD child program is to feed your family a healthy diet. Do it together. Prepare delicious meals made of lean protein, fresh or lightly steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. Add spices, nuts, beans and whole grains. By giving your child a good diet, you will boost the effectiveness of the natural remedy.

The third step of this program is to make sure your child gets daily exercise. Even a brisk walk in the outdoors is good because it helps relieve stress, center your child and help him see the beauty of the natural world around him. Other fun family activities include a game of basketball, riding bikes in the park or going swimming at the community pool.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. The future you dream of is bright. You want your child to grow up strong, happy, healthy and brimming with the promise of leading a productive, fulfilling life. Right now, you may need ADHD help, but by following the steps in this simple program, you and your child will walk step by step toward this dream.

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Laura Ramirez researches natural products and helps parents whose kids need ADHD help. She publishes her findings on her web site at

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