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Relieve Stress Quickly – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Relieve Stress Quickly – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Article by Deborah Bishop

Whatever happened to stress-free living? You turn on the news, and you immediately regret it. The world is crumbling, the sky is falling, Planet X is crashing, the globe is warming, the stock market is plummeting, the trillion dollar deficit is growing, the unemployment rate is skyrocketing, the housing market is pathetic, your son is a drug addict, your single daughter is pregnant, and your husband just ran off with a grocery clerk.

Of course, you’re depressed. Of course, you’re anxious. Of course, you’re worried. Of course, you’re a nervous wreck. Of course, you can’t sleep at night. Of course, you’re overeating.

Something would be wrong with you if you didn’t exhibit some of those symptoms.

Is there anyone you know who isn’t having financial and/or health problems right now?

But, you know what? A mere hundred years ago there were no antibiotics. Life expectancy for women was 47.3 and for men, 46.3. The average worker made .98 a week for 59 hours of work.

But, even in 1900, there were people who were optimistic as well as those who worried about the next catastrophe. Some felt each day brought new opportunities, while others saw gloom and doom around every corner. Some people are born happy, others are born to complain, whine, and be miserable…regardless of their economic status, their health, their looks, or their country of birth.

Happiness is an attitude. Misery is a state of mind. Anxiety is a feeling of impending disaster.

All of these moods, feelings, and emotions can be controlled and altered. You have the same power within you to be happy as you have to be unhappy. Your choice. Here are 10 simple things you can do to relieve stress and bring happiness into your life instantly.

1. Listen to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” I defy you to listen to that music and not feel your heart fill with euphoria.

2. Go to a nearby playground and get on the slide, try out the swings, and hang from the monkey bars. See how long it takes before you start giggling like a child.

3. Bake chocolate chip cookies, S’mores, or a molten lava chocolate cake. Don’t forget to lick the bowl.

4. Go to the mall and window shop. Walk briskly around the stores and notice everyone’s facial expressions. See how quickly you can differentiate the happy people from the unhappy.

5. Go outside and skip around the block. Count the number of red roses you find.

6. Get some chalk and play hopscotch in front of your house.

7. Buy a coloring book and some crayons, and go to work on your masterpiece.

8. Call someone you love and tell them how much you care. Ask them how they feel and really listen to their words.

9. Play your favorite rock music and sing along as you dance in front of a mirror. Be a superstar.

10. Read a trashy novel or watch your favorite soap opera without guilt.

Any one of these tips is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and lighten your heart. Use your inner child to make your adult self happy.

About the Author

Deborah Bishop is a professional writer and certified hypnotherapist. Her goal is to provide people with unique coping strategies and techniques. Deborah will not only show you how to rewrite your personal history, but will give you the tools needed to lead a more fulfilling and successful life. When you visit her site at, you will have access to her free report, “The Secret Weapon That Combats Fear and Stress.”

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